Project Description

Fort St. John Hospital & Residential Care project is a new 31,500 m2 facility located in Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada.

The main building is a 24,000 m2 hospital with 55 acute care beds, an ICU, maternity ward, 2 operating rooms, an expanded ER and endoscopy suite. It has three above‑ground levels, facing South West.

The adjacent two residential care buildings two above-ground levels each. They are designed to provide physo‑geriatric care, special care and palliative care. The total area is 7,500 m2 that will consist of 123 beds.

Key energy conservation measures (ECM’s):
1. High performance building envelope (walls, roof, and glazing)

2. Reduced lighting power densities

3. Occupancy sensors for lighting control

4. High efficiency HVAC equipment

5. Exhaust air heat recovery

6. Condenser water heat recovery

Project Details

Building Type

Service Type
Measurement & Verification (M&V)

31,500 m2 (103,346ft2)

Fort St. John, British Columbia