Ivan is a recent graduate from UBC’s Integrated Engineering program with a specialization in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. He has co-op experience working on energy efficient building design and is in the process of obtaining his EIT designation.


BC Hydro – Power Smart – Software Developer and Report Analyst
– Designed and programmed a database tracking tool in Excel using Visual Basic, followed by a re-design and transfer to Microsoft Access using SQL
– Integrated a single document containing all technical project information, as a continuation to the initial database created in the first co-op term, which decreased the project entry time from 2 hours per project to 5 minutes
– Analyzed New Construction Building Design reports and extracted data regarding high performance energy conservation measures such as heat pumps, boilers, various HVAC systems, and their interactions.

Flow Consulting Group – Mechanical Engineering Co-op Student
– Selected equipment to match specific load criteria for HVAC system design including pumps, cooling towers, air handling units, fans, grilles, and diffusers, while ensuring adherence to ASHRAE code
– Worked on plumbing design by calculating loads and fixture units, selecting equipment such as sinks and faucets, and selecting an appropriate pipe size to meet specifications
– Contacted clients, manufacturers, and engineers in order to aid in equipment selection, design criteria, concept explanation, and project requirements
– Used AutoCAD and Hourly Analysis Program to aid in heating and cooling load analysis by zoning areas and then inputting specific information such as window and wall types, building orientation, and internal loads including occupancy and electrical equipment
– Conducted site visits to gather information regarding the work site, including labeling equipment locations, window types, ductwork design, and thermostat locations

Alberta Energy Regulator – Business and Operations Co-op Student
– Designed comprehensive weekly and monthly reports in Excel to track statistics such as hours allocated and status of projects, to aid in resource allocation
– Used Visual Basic to create new functionality in excel to assist in storage, classification, and organization
– Analyzed data from a configuration management database using Microsoft Access in order to facilitate faster deployment of new computers to employees


University of British Columbia – B.A.Sc. September, 2010 – December, 2015
– Bachelor of Applied Science with co-op in Integrated Engineering
– Specialization in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering